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I started shooting back in 1982 with a Zenit E with which you could have stopped a tank. Although some of the earliest stuff I shot was of Italian cars, the automotive stuff took a back seat - if you'll pardon the pun - when I got serious about photography 20 years later.

A very bad mountain bike racer, I got extremely fed up of discovering that nobody had a picture of the fat lad at the back, so I slowly started replacing the riding with taking photos of the riders. From the start, my philosophy was always to make sure that I had a good shot of everyone, before worrying about trying to get a great shot of anyone.

A couple of years in - and with my kids now both riding the track - I was asked to edit a track cycling website - http:/​/​www.​trackcycling.​net - which I went on to own and still run. That took me to my first World Championships - the 'local' 2008 Manchester event. I honestly expected that to be the extent of my involvement.

Since then I've been to the Worlds in Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, Belarus and Colombia and this winter will, for the first time, cover the entire World Cup series in Mexico, the UK and Colombia. I also cover grass roots cycling - from my local track league to youth and junior road racing - and this year have started to cover more Elite road racing. I also attended my first big multi-sports event - Glasgow 2014 - where I covered all the cycling disciplines and even found a little time to take in some hockey and athletics.

Recently, I got back in to shooting cars with my involvement with the Alfa Romeo Owners Club on an events coverage basis and 2015 will see that side of the business expand with client shoots.

And I also shoot for fun - wildlife, landscape and aviation mainly. Those pictures can be found at

My cycling clients include British Cycling - at youth, junior, elite and world level - the UCI, Cycling Weekly, BikeNZ, Cycling Australia, Cycling Ireland, the Malaysian Cycling Federation,, Swiss Cycling and USA Cycling. Others include AROC UK, Osprey Books and Skuwizz Ltd.

I am a member of the Sports Journalists Association, the Association Internationale des Journalistes du Cyclisme, the Association International de la Presse Sportive, the Society of International Sport and Leisure Photographers and the Society of International Media and Press Photographers.

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